How To Start The Scan

Our scan widget is provided by ScanCircle, a 19 year old player in this space. It has stood the test of time, and not only can you use the scan button, visit our partnersite directly, you can also download it straight from the Microsoft Windows Store. Will we explain all 3 ways extensively below to make it easy for you.

Press the "Run scan"-button below

Definity checkout the ‘more information’ links to make an informed decision if this scan is for your or not. Scancircle is very transparant.

Our Scancircle partner site

Visit (opens in a new tab), and simply push the button in that page. Watch the video tutorial for a preview if necessary. Its really made simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. Have had a parthership with scancricle for over 12 years. It’s reliable AND 100% anonymous.

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Using Microsoft store !

You can download Scancircle from the Microsoft store and use ‘computernerdinside’ as your partner.

Scan Report

In any case, for both Windows and Mac, you wil get an online scan report like the one below. Mind you: we cannot identify your computer without the URL. At this time there’s no connection between scancircle and us. That’s by design btw. Guarantees anonimity. We do not recommend you sharing this link with anyone (not in our FB group either)..